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Right of Withdrawal:

Art. 44 of Law 7/1996 of 15 January, retail trade, says that the client has the right to revoke the order within a maximum of 7 days of receipt, provided prior notice to us.

Product defect or error handling.

If any of the products do not arrive in perfect condition, or there is an error in shipping, you will rest for himself in the perfect, once we have verified the poor state of the first, after your application by a deadline 7 days after receiving the order. The same system is used for error if you send an item than what you have purchased, you will rest as long as the item has not had any manipulation prior notice.

How to do a refund:

We have to communicate via phone or e-mail problem, which is what has been faulty and would return.
Once we are informed, we will send mail with instructions on how to make the refund to be put, and you pick up the pass.
For any possible incident or complaint, please contact us, phone +34 630957076, or email Always try to find a good solution.