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Butlletí de notícies (newsletter)


The ports are not included in the price of products. The prices vary according to weight and place of delivery. When you purchase you will see the calculation of the transport cart, always inform you of the cost of transportation.

Approximately cost follows this table:



Resta península

Internacional UE

de 0 a 30 €

4 €

6 €

30 €

De 30 a 100 €

0 €

0 €

26 €

De 100 a 200 €

0 €

0 €

23 €

Mas de 200 €

0 €

0 €

20 €


If shopping is other countries outside of Catalonia and Spain, we will tell you the price of transportation, via e-mail after making your order, do not pay to receive such mail.


The delivery is made up once a week and paid for the order. We use company parcel. If any preference please specify when ordering, and we need to name and phone number of the person who should receive. In the case of not being able to serve in the indicated time, we will contact you indicaríem the problem and to search for alternatives. However if the availability of any article you saw exhausted, because their creations are limited production, I call to seek alternatives, replacing a similar product, or wait for the new delivery time.

You must check the goods very well received at the time of the order, if you see that the package is defective, it should notify the carrier and make it appear in the remittance receipt, even if it is damaged, do not accept the goods and own carrier s'ho prevail.